[ Clan Notice ] Forum Maintanence --- Ended

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[ Clan Notice ] Forum Maintanence --- Ended

Post  1601voon on Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:57 pm

Greeting To All Code Red Members :

Due to certain css insert error , it will bring you guys browse lag or not responding on current homepage . We are trying our best by removing each scripts which code in 1 by 1 to find out which codes are the main factor of the lag issue .Below are some information regarding scripts insert from the pass 2 days . As you can see , the chat box had been modified with transparent background . No more color line when two person chi-chatting there . A new function had been fully installed to the chat box . All members can sent out a AWAY From Keyboard Status by right clicking the name list beside the chat box there .

16/12/2010 : Forum Script Renovation Launch
15/12/2010 : Quick Update On Forum Navigation Bar - Donation Button - Manual Update .
16/12/2010 : Quick Update On Forum Logo .
16/12/2010 : Quick Update On Forum Background Image.
16/12/2010 : Add In Java Scripts - Disabled Forum Right Click Function Due To Copyright .
16/12/2010 : Forum Chat Box Header And Footer Installed New Lay Out .
17/12/2010 : Forum Legendary Added In Back Ground Image .
17/12/2010 : Chat Box Modified
17/12/2010 : Warning System Officially Turn On
17/12/2010 : Forum Being Cleaned Up , Optimized .
18/12/2010 : Forum Legendary Added In Back Ground Image -- Updated
18/12/2010 : Removed Certain Scripts Due To High Capacity Of Resources .
18/12/2010 : Forum Scripts Update Officially Ended

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