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[ Read ] Information Of This Section

Post  system on Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:25 pm

Dear Code Red Clan Members :

As our clan growth stronger and bigger , a good and responsible Leader and Operation Team is strongly require . Sad to said that , most of the clan Operation Team Member was not active as what we expected including myself . Every body have their work to do , most of here were concentrating on their study and caused lack of time for him / her to online . We understood the problem which members facing , so we will not going to force you out as the other clan does . The only thing is , " Ghost Members " will be dismiss from clan as the capacity of clan is reaching the maximum . So please be prepare on any up-coming " Clean Up Services " You can re-quest to join -back through this clan forum by P.M me , we will reach to you in 2 weeks time .

Method Of Report

The Report Should Start With A Title : [ Ban ] XXXX Inside The Thread , Type In The Member You Want To Report , What Abuse , Time , In Game Server , Chanel And Of cause The Prof . Screen Shot And Video Are Acceptable . Please Submit All The Following Details With Your Thread

Example :

[ Ban ] 1601-voon

Member Character Name : 1601-voon
Member Forum ID : 1601voon [ If Have ]
Abuse : The current user had misbehavior in game , Wall hack is suspecting using in game .
Prof : Image 0000082


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