[ Guide ] Tips on playing blackshot

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[ Guide ] Tips on playing blackshot

Post  Keith_is_Weirdoz on Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:20 am

General Tips:
- Make sure before you play that you've got a clean environment. Usually, I'll clean up my desk so that I don't have too much activity going on in one area. You never know, maybe your parents would start liking your passion for video gaming since your area is always clean xD
- Referring back to the first tip, make sure you're comfy. Get a good chair, turn the air on (or open the windows and use a stand/desk fan). You don't want sweaty palms, back and face all at the same time.
- Keep the top of your monitor at eye level to decrease eye strain. Also, sit upright.

General BlackShot Tips:
- Use the right weapon for the right job. Don't run around with a single weapon unless you've been kicking *** with it the whole time. If you seem to be getting rolled, try changing the game a bit. If you were being countersniped, switch to an SMG or Assault Rifle and flank.
- Don't camp a spot for more than 2 kills. You're going to get knifed. In fact, never sit still, ever. Even if you're defending, run around a bit to keep your unpredictability.
- Don't fix it if it's not broken. If you're going down one path and you've been successful using it, don't change up. Your enemy will think you'll change tactics because they think you think they know where you're going next.
- Learn all the maps, every sniping position, every campable corner, every defense spot, everything. It's only been 2 days and I've mastered pre-nades for Hans Cargo, as well as good spots to make chokepoints out of. Oh, did I mention learn the maps even while blindfolded? You never know when you're going to get flashed (or friendly-flashed).

Assault Rifle Tips:
- Don't ever spray for more than 2 seconds unless you're backtracking to capture a flag and you're suppressing. You still have to let some of the recoil recover and get your aim back.
- Assault Rifles are most effective at long range when fired in single shots. If you're guarding a hallway and you know a good amount of forces are gonna come in (sans a sniper), walking (hold down shift) and firing controlled bursts/single shots will give you some nice kills.

Submachine Gun Tips:
- SMG-ers NEED to be the flag runners and rushers. They have the highest move speed and can run with the flag easily. One note though, make sure you've got someone else backing you up or giving out suppressive fire. Your SMG is not that powerful.
- Don't be afraid to bunnyhop. SMGs have the lowest accuracy penalty when moving or jumping.

Sniping Tips:
- NEVER camp while standing/sitting still. I've seen snipers get picked off by others or myself because they're just standing around looking at one spot. Rotating or moving around an area will help you survive.
- If you see the enemy coming towards your cover and you have room in the back, make sure you back up a little bit and keep your crosshair at where the enemy will pop-up. Usually they'll jump shoot, so be ready to twitch that wrist and mouse to compensate.

I won't give away my quick sniping tips. That's for your guys to learn from experience because that's what I did, or you can watch my "Quick Sniping and You" series of videos: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Also, I forgot to mention that THIS IS NOT THE BIBLE OF BLACKSHOT. Don't follow it word for word. Use it as guidelines if you want. This is my own opinion, and I'm sharing it because it helps me win games in BlackShot.

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