[Guide] You all gonna read this. it is important

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[Guide] You all gonna read this. it is important

Post  Keith_is_Weirdoz on Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:16 am

Think of the way you play before you buy your weapons. A SMG won'tbring it on long range.
Try to 'read' the game. if your enemys lines are closed you shouldn't try to rush, if the hole battle is in confusion you should always watch your back.
Stick to a teammate. If he is in front of you he will most likely draw the enemy fire on him, so that you have time to aim.
if you have a weapon with many shots in magazine and your enemy has seen you first fire and than aim. your enemy will most likely search cover and you'll gain time to aimor to get in a better position.
Take cover if you're reloading.
Warn your teammates if a camper is dangerous
(Spawn-)camping will bring you many kill, but most likely many foe's and you could be kicked for bad behavior. Don't do it unless everyone do it and you won't get kills otherwise.
Cover your teamates. A single player can turn the hole game if he clear the way of his teammates.
Grenades will always cause a distraction if they explode near anyone, be it teammate or enemy. Use them wisely.
Due to a bug -dunno if it is already fixed- you can sometimes use grenades in panic space and gallery. Don't use them(same effect as Camping).
Secure your Spawn(-flanks) in panic space and gallery a enemy on the spawn could take out your whole team.

Hope I could help you, that was what I could offhanded think about. I will ad, if anythink else will get on my mind.
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