[Guide] How to control your guns recoils.

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[Guide] How to control your guns recoils.

Post  DeviL on Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:52 am

----How to control your guns recoils----
There's alot of question regarding to How to control your guns recoils...
So now i will answer some of those questions .=-

1.Tap the right click. Do NOT spam for guns with high recoil. Tap tap tap.

2.You can buy Tactics package II in shop ( premium ) , it help reduce the recoils of rirlfe and pistol , and the best is reduce the impact from enemy's bullet.(But will degrade your skills,because you rely on Tactics more than your own SKILLS

3.Buy an iPhone, download "Tap Tap Revenge" and play. After you can play well, go play BlackShot and you can tap well when using high recoil guns..

4.Always Tab with RIFLES,Spray only with SMG..Rifles are mid range guns while SMG are close range guns,so use them wisely..

5.Spraying and pulling the crosshair down works too.But need so practice

6.Silencer reduce recoil, sound and damage, using silencer will silent your gun. As result, no one can hear where you shoot from and did you know that, when you shoot without silencer, there will be a red dot on the map? I guess not much people noticed this. But from my research, I always saw a red dot(enemy position) on the map(top right) whenever they shoot without a silencer.


For SCAR, to remove its recoil completely for the 1st 5 shots, crouch and tap at the rate glock 21 can fire. Its almost recoilless, dun nid to aim head, 5 shots to the body is GG and their crosshair jump like crazy. The 5 shots are of pure accuracy, it will land at exactly where u shoot.
Note that standing and tapping at the same rate will only give u the 1st shot accuracy.
Moving and shooting is not a option with this gun, AK will be a better gun.

For a gun like scar/ak, the recoil is not really the main problem, the main problem is the very poor accuracy when u spray or tap too fast. Even if ur crosshair is on target, many shots will miss.

For AK, its like another type of SCAR, but u can move and shoot with it. Recoil mostly the same when crouching/moving/standing, but accuracy is increased when crouching. I cant really advise for AK as i dont use it. I prefer scar for long range or other 4.3dmg rifles for close/mid range.

For HK416,this gun is a good gun in Mid-Range combat.you have to tab,tab and tab to kill at Mid and long range(always aim for the neck,and body..)
This guns is not that good in Close range,so you have to aim at the head and spray to kill..


---Ak47 vs Hk416---
Q=Which one is better? Despite the fact that Ak47 has a whopping 5.5 power compared to Hk 416, how come some pros(those that go to tourneys) still use Hk416?

Another question, should you spray or tap with the Hk?

A=-hk 416 is for spraying while crouching in close/middle range and tapping for far range. aim near the head and headshot!
AK47 is a legendary powerhouse when it comes to rifles.
Pros :
High first bullet accuracy
High damage per bullet
High armour piercing capabilities
Cont :
Heavier than most rifles
Recoil is high
Low ROF(rate of fire)

Most of the top notch rifle users use this gun to go on a headshot spree.

HK416 is considered to be more of an assault rifle rather than a battle rifle due to its portability and wide range of uses that allow it to suit many situations.
Pros :
Fairly light
High ROF
Not much as recoil

Cons :
Damage is significantly lower as compared to AK (they use different bullet calibres so its a given)
Higher ROF = clip finishes faster
Doesn't pierce as much as AK (some headshots result in hitting the helmet)

To sum it all up,
AK is the more superior rifle for long range drawn out battles in the hands of a skilled rifle user. The first bullet usually ensures the enemy dies provided it was aimed at the head. In close range it would be at a disadvantage to the HK416 due to the lower ROF, but can overpower it by landing a bullet to the head.

HK416 excels at mid range and sometimes at close range, unless against a competant SMG user. It can perform fairly well against most people at long range due to its easier controllability.

Well,i hope this helps..Smile bounce bounce Most of this text i just copy and paste..=)
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