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[Guide] PartnerShip System

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Criteria for partnership creation

1. You must be single and available. Meaning, you must not be in
partnership with any player in order to initiate or join a partnership

2. You must have at least 1500 BP to request for a partnership. No fee
required to join a partnership though. 1500 BP will be deducted upon
confirmation of your request by your partner.

How to create partnership?

1. Right-click on the player name in the game / room lobby list.

2. Click on 'Add Partner'.

3. Confirm the partnership and wait for the player to confirm the request.

* Once the player confirmed your request, 1500 BP will be deducted from your account.

What is it so special about partnership?

1. Enjoy the partner view which shall help you in executing strategic
plans in game. Activate your partner view by pressing 'F' in game. Note
that both of you must be in the same team to do so.
When in partnership, you will be able to see the weapon that your
partner is holding in real time. With the partner view on, you will be
able to see what your partner is seeing.

2. Support and move with your partner more efficiently in game with the
partnership functions
(hold 'Capslock' to check the options).

- Give Mags to your partner within a close distance when he runs out of
(you must hold the same category of guns with your partner in order
to do so. Hold 'Capslock' and press '2'.)

- Request your partner to Move to a specific location (point to the
location with your crosshair, hold 'Capslock' and press '3'. Your
partner must observe the green blinking spot on the mini map.)

- Radio your partner to Move Together (hold 'Capslock' and press '4')

- Radio your partner to Request Suppression (hold 'Capslock' and press '5')

3. When in partnership, you will be able to see your partner's location
within certain range. Your partner is indicated with a special
diamond-shape green indicator.

4. When in partnership, you will be alerted when your partner gets hurt.
In such, the partner view's frame will blink in red. Your enemy's
location will be revealed (within certain range). Enemy will be
indicated with a diamond-shape red indicator in this case.

5. Get the thrill of revenge and assistance!
- When you kill an enemy who had killed your partner earlier on, you will get the 'revenge' icon and sound.
- When you kill an enemy who is hurting your partner when your partner
is holding a flag, you will get the 'assist' icon and sound.

6. Shared Score - Flag captured score will be shared between partners.
If you should capture the flag successfully, you will receive 3 points
and your partner will receive 2 points, vice versa.

7. Synchronise repawn time - If you and your partner were both killed
before either one respawns, the latter who had died will respawn
together with the one who died first.

Can I have multiple partners?

No. You can only have 1 partnership at a time. You will need to end the
current partnership in order to initiate or join another partnership.

How to end partnership?

1. Click on the 'Partner' button on top of the screen.
2. Click on 'End 'Partner' button at the left side of the Partner screen.
3. Confirm termination.

Is there any penalty for ending partnership?

No. You can create and end partnership anytime, and as many times as you
wish. Just note that you'll need 1500 BP to create a partnership.

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