Weekend Event - March of Madness

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Weekend Event - March of Madness

Post  1601voon on Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:26 pm

The March of Madness brings about crazy behaviour in people, and the Blackshot team has also been affected by it!
Introducing two new events to bring some spice to your Blackshot life.First up we have the March Boost event, which basically is a DOUBLE EXP/BP weekend for you! The boosts will kick in from 18 & 19 March, 5:00 PM till 11:59 PM (GMT+Cool! So come online in the evenings to make full use of the extra EXP/BP! Make haste! Tell your friends about it NOW!

The maps that will experience DOUBLE EXP/BP are:
Pipeline - TDM
SandStorm II - SD
Broken City I - SD
SandStorm I - TFM
Xitang - TFM

As for the other March Break event, we'll be giving out the "extinct" Jack O Flash Frag for 3 days if you play for 5 hours between 18 March (12:01 AM) to 20 March (11:59 PM)! Make sure you're actually PLAYING and not AFKing in the lobby or chatting with friends! Every second counts!

The prizes will be given out on 23 Mar after the server maintenance!

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